I offer you travel insurance through the following carriers:

Travelling Canadian

GMS: Travel Insurance
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  • GMS policy covers $5 million of which is $500,000 towards Covid-19 coverage, even if a travel advisory to “avoid non-essential travel” is in place exclusively due to Covid-19. 
  • Both single trip and multi-trip options are available.

GMS: Immigrants & Visitors to Canada

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Manulife: Travel Insurance
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Manulife's policy covers $10 million for both single trip and multi-trip options.
They exclusively offer a single trip Covid-19 plan which also covers cruise trips!

  • Up to $1 million CAD to cover emergencies related to Covid-19 (up to $5 million CAD if received a full course of immunization for Covid-19).
  • Up to $5 million CAD to cover emergency medical costs unrelated to Covid-19.
  • Trip Interruption coverage in the event of quarantine and Covid-19.

Trip Interruption Benefits

  • Up to $200 per insured person per day for your additional and unplanned commercial hotel and meal expenses to a maximum of $2,800 if you are unexpectedly required to self-isolate or quarantine. Family coverage maximum is $400 per insured family per day to a maximum of $5,600.